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Top 10 Miniature Golf Courses in the Myrtle Beach area

The Myrtle Beach area is known as the Golf Capital of the World, but the links on the Grand Strand aren’t limited to the championship variety. Myrtle Beach and the surrounding communities are home to some of the most exciting and fun miniature golf courses in the world, with the prestigious miniature golf Masters Tournament played each fall at Hawaiian Rumble Golf. Miniature golf in the Myrtle Beach area is perfect for a family outing after dinner, a fun date with a companion or an all-day undertaking for the serious putt-putt athlete. Many of the local miniature golf courses have discounts for playing during the day, and coupons so that a round or two doesn’t drain the family vacation budget. Here’s a list of what we consider the Top 10 courses in the Myrtle Beach area, but certainly would like to see your favorite or one you think we might have missed in the comments section.

• Why it made the list: It’s rated the No. 1 mini-golf course in the world. This 18-hole course is centered around a tropical garden and is open year-round.

• Why it made the list: Dragon’s Lair is in the middle of the shopping and entertainment mecca in Myrtle Beach and has a huge dragon that makes appearances and huffs and puffs your golf game to the next level.

• Why it made the list: Molten Mountain houses a 50-foot active volcano plus 36 holes of exciting mini-golf surrounded by a jungle atmosphere.

• Why it made the list: Professor Hacker’s has a real train that golfers can relax in before hitting the mini-links, starting at the top and working your way down.

• Why it made the list: One of the most popular courses in Myrtle Beach, you’ll get to see the Lost Boys, wander through a dangerous skull cave, and you’ll even get to board Capt. Hook’s ship!

• Why it made the list: This is Myrtle Beach’s newest mini-golf course and it’s accessible right off the Myrtle Beach boardwalk and off of Ocean Boulevard.

• Why it made the list: This 36-hole adventure course comes complete with its own ice cream parlor.

• Why it made the list: Play your way to the best mini-golf view in Myrtle Beach and try a chance to win a lifetime pass by sinking a hole-in-one on their special 19th hole.

• Why it made the list: Mutiny Bay has 36 holes with a pirate battle every half-hour.

• Why it made the list: The course is surrounded by tropical plants, cascading waterfalls and trickling streams that combine for a beautiful course.


  • Todd Garvin

    There are lots of great miniature golf courses in the area! Is there a better way to spend a family evening?

  • Cheryl Jordan

    …visiting in MB! Can’t wait to try out one of these miniature courses!


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