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King mackerel make an early appearance | Weekly Fishing Report, April 21 – 27


Fishing is one of the most popular things to do in Myrtle Beach SC, with many outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage of the Grand Strand’s many bodies of water to seek out their next big catch.

Each week, our Myrtle Beach fishing expert and The Sun News outdoors columnist Gregg Holshouser provides those who visit Myrtle Beach with a report full of inside info on where to fish, what to look for and the conditions you can expect whether you’re fishing inshore, offshore or in one of the area’s many estuaries and freshwater bodies.

Here’s a look at the Myrtle Beach SC area fishing report for the week of April 21 – April 27:

What to expect:

Capt. Mark Dickson reports his Shallow-Minded Inshore Charters guide service has been producing  good catches of a variety of species in the Little River area this week. Dickson says Capt. Ken Salos has landed flounder, trout, red drum, flounder and even a 12-pound striper – all on artificials.

“There have been more and more flounder, more and more keeper flounder,” said Dickson. “We’re still seeing a bunch of trout and some nice reds (red drum).” Salos has been using vudu shrimp and paddle-tail grubs to catch his fish in areas such as the ICW and Tubbs Inlet. Flounder are the targeted species in Murrells Inlet, where the Grand Strand Saltwater Anglers’ Flounder Tournament will be held Saturday.

“There have been reds caught in the inlet, some lingering trout, but everybody’s going for flounder,” said Jessica Perry of Perry’s Bait and Tackle. “Catches have been all over the board, but they’re definitely better in overall size and numbers.”

What to look for:
  • Tautog
  • red drum
  • spotted seatrout
  • black drum
  • sheepshead
  • flounder
  • bluefish

What to expect:

King mackerel showed up in a big way this week with boats bringing in numerous fish caught on bottom spots in depths of 35-40 feet and beyond. But perhaps the biggest splash was made on the beach, specifically at the Cherry Grove Pier on Thursday. Ronnie Goodwin of Cherry Grove Pier reports 14-year-old angler Jax Solley of Boone, N.C., landed a 32-pound, 14-ounce king that hit a bluefish at mid-afternoon Thursday.

Solley’s fishwas one of three kings that were caught in a stretch of less than two hours. Jules Jaget of North Myrtle Beach landed a king that weighed in at 14-pounds, 12-ounces, and Andrea Garcia, also of North Myrtle Beach, caught a king in the 15-pound range that wasn’t weighed. Goodwin noted the water was clear with a moderate south wind during the flurry, and the water temperature was 72 degrees.

Spanish mackerel continue to be caught from the piers, with a bigger grade of fish being found around near-shore bottom spots such as Paradise Reef (three miles east of Murrells Inlet) and Jim Caudle Reef (three miles south of Little River). There are plenty of bluefish, including some big ones, to be found in all areas. The piers are also producing whiting, croaker and flounder. Pompano made a showing at the Apache Pier this week.


What to look for:

  • fish-BlackSeaBassCroaker
  • Whiting
  • Black drum
  • Sheepshead
  • Black sea bass
  • Weakfish
  • Bluefish
  • Flounder

What to expect:

“The mahi (dolphin) are really starting to show up, wahoo are starting to fade away and tuna are still around,” said Capt. Danny Carey of Careyon Charters in Murrells Inlet.

“The warmest (water) temperature is 78-79 degrees, but I’m looking for 80 degrees and weedlines. The weedlines are out there. We have been catching some dolphin in 77-78 degree water. It’s shaping up for a good spring mahi season.” Bottom fishing trips have been superb, with vermilion snapper, black sea bass, triggerfish, grunts and porgy topping the catches.

The annual Shallow-Water Grouper Spawning Season Closure is almost over, ending on April 30. Red snapper cannot be harvested and must be released in the South Atlantic region.



What to look for:
  • blackfin tuna
  • wahoo
  • black sea bass
  • vermilion snapper
  • grunts
  • triggerfish
  • amberjack
  • Porgy

What to expect:

Ronald “Catfish” Stalvey reports superb bream fishing on the Waccamaw and Great Pee Dee rivers. Look for bream in 1-4 feet of water just off the banks hitting crickets and worms, although most anglers are using crickets.

Catfish action has also been very good with fish hitting bream, eel and large shiners. Stalvey reports bass action has slowed a bit. “They are in transition from spawn to post-spawn,” Stalvey said.

“They’re in lock-down mode, not wanting to bite. It’s really hard to dial in on them.”



What to look for:

  • Bream
  • Crappie
  • Catfish
  • Bass

Gregg Holshouser is an avid fisherman and outdoors writer with more than 15 years experience writing for the Northwest Florida Daily News and The Sun News in Myrtle Beach. Contact Gregg with any fishing-related questions by clicking here


  • Michael Gondos

    I will be in Myrtle Beach in Mid-August and usually fish in the mornings from the beach. I have used artificial plastics, shrimp on an up-and-down rig, and Gulp! as well. I have only bid able to catch small pinfish. Not that I am complaining, but am I missing a technique or a bait to help catch fish and what can I expect to catch with that given bait or technique?

    • Todd Garvin

      Thanks for writing. I’m forwarding your info on to our local fishing expert, Gregg Holshouser. You can find him in the 411 section under Ask a Local. Gregg is a very avid fisherman so we’ll see if we can tee you up for some good fishing before your trip.

    • Gregg Holshouser


      When fishing from the surf it is important to find some structure in the water or a hole or depression in the bottom – anything to break up the typical smooth, slowly sloping sandy bottom.

      There are some rocky outcroppings in Surfside Beach and near Hurl Rock Park in Myrtle Beach that are good spots.

      Fishing from the surf near the jetties at Little River or Murrells Inlet are also good spots.

      Also, if using cut bait use very fresh shrimp or baitfish such as mullet. Often frozen shrimp is simply not very fresh and the fish turn their nose up at it.

      Live bait such as finger mullet or mud minnows are a good bet.

      It’s also a good idea, if you can, to get a group of 3-4 fishermen together and hire a guide for a day to get an idea of how the local pros do it as far as rigging, bait and presentation techniques.

      Hope this helps!

      • Michael Gondos

        To both of you…thank you! I appreciate having a place to turn to in regards to random questions. My goal is to catch one fish, big or small. That is success to me. I have tried shrimp pieces with an up and down rig…little success. I have tried lures with no success. I walk from my hotel and onto the beach and fish. A few years back, a few sharks were caught by others. Not trying to go there at all all!

        When you say bait fish or cut bait, I have tried cutting bait that I caught. I did chunks. Is there a better way to use the bait?

        But, having this knowledge helps. I am going to get fresher bait, not just from a box store this year.

        Thanks and tight lines to everyone!

    • Jerome August

      We typically vacation at the same time (mid-August) and we catch red drum, bluefish, trout, ladyfish, rays, up to 6′ shark and tarpon 100lbs+ all on finger mullet and striped mullet chunks. We typically fish at night and early morning when there are no swimmers as the shark and tarpon make some outstanding runs. We have caught drum in the morning and evening topping 10 lbs. The trout, bluefish and ladyfish have been 2 to 3 lbs (lots of smaller blues as well) mainly in the morning. The sharks we are catching at night, mainly blacktips. Tire sized rays that give a great fight. Yes I said tarpon over 100lbs. We have had many jump and straighten our hooks or break line. Although last year we finally landed one after a 45 minute battle. We use 10-12ft surf rods with 80 lb braid (spooled on spinning reels that hold 500 yards), with haywire leaders and mono shock leaders we make ourselves. We cast beyond the breakers looking for holes and channels and we wait. I’m thinking the tarpon cruise much closer at night hunting the mullet because that is the only time we have hooked up with them. During the day and in the mornings you can see them trashing mullet out beyond (and further) where the drainage pipes empty into the ocean. The key is using the waves as an indication of what the bottom structure is doing. Do your observing at low tide. For morning blues watch for frantic mullet and cast no further than the schools are running. You are catching mainly blues however that is when we catch reds, ladyfish and trout as well. We stay in the North Myrtle section of the beach, just south of Main Street.

      • Jacob peters

        Where do yo guys catch your tarpon ? And do you have and more tips specific for catching tarpon at myrtle ? I Couldn’t go to Florida this year and I’ve been dying to catch a tarpon and just found out we were going to myrtle this weekend . I really need help catching one because we have school this Monday and I won’t be able to fish for a long time

  • John Miller

    We will be in Myrtle Beach Oct. 18 for a week. Plan on doing some fishing. Gulf stream fishing question. Are we going to be able to keep any red snapper? What will they be catching about that time. Also pier fishing what comes in about that time. What baits to use?

    • Todd Garvin

      John, contacting my fishing expert to get some inside information for you. I do know that Red Snapper is off the menu right now.

      • Riley Adair

        Oh, I went out a little while ago and we kept a lot of red snapper

    • Riley Adair

      You can keep red snapper,but I don’t know how many,right now on the piers there’s a lot of bull reds,use shrimp or cut mullet or blue crab on the bottom.

  • Cyndi D.Costcoe

    How bout them “spots” runnin? You can catch 100 in a day. Springmaid Pier.

  • Angie McIntyre

    When will the spots be running near the Surfside Pier? I am ready to go fishing!

    • Seth sayers

      Someone caught one two days ago

  • Barry Padgett

    Will be in North Myrtle Beach week of Aug.22nd .How is the pier fishing at that time?

    • Todd Garvin

      Barry, you should have some great fishing toward the end of the season. Keep checking our weekly fishing report and visit our Ask a Local page and email Gregg Holshouser for insider tips.

    • Andrew Hardy

      What is the best bait for surf fishing?!?!?

      • Todd Garvin

        I like shrimp, but I’m sure plenty of others will chime in on this.


      fished at the cherry grove pier first week of aug, and caught some nice whiting and spots. south side of the pier my daughter caught some small pompano’s. was tough, but they are there

  • Ed Vander

    Where is the best area to fresh water fish in myrtle beach during March

  • roger l ashley jr

    Hello im planning a trip from april 13th-18th.I’m wanting to know what the best fishing is during that time of year?We are staying in south myrtle at the landmark.I would like to know what type of fish are biting during then and what the best bait to use is,where the best spots are and if its better to pier or beach fish?I’ve always wanted to catch a shark of some kind but haven’t been able to convince the kids to charter so im limited to pier or beach fishing.

    • Todd Garvin

      I’m forwarding this to our local expert Gregg Holshouser, an avid fisherman himself and outdoors writer for The Sun News. I’ll copy you both on the email.

  • Bob

    We will be going in april and fishing in a small saltwater river. Will we catch anything or is going to be too cold?

    • Todd Garvin

      you should be able to catch a good dinner. Make sure to check our weekly fishing report for what’s biting that week, or just shoot Gregg Holshouser – our local expert – an email on our Ask A Local page. It’s under 411 on the menu.

  • Donald Ray

    I really enjoyed this content. It’s fresh, informative and well structured. I am not a writer but I do love to fish. If a site has top notch content I’am all over it. I really don’t even like bass fishing! That right there shows you how good your material is. Keep up the good work.

  • Tony Hooker

    I have been here in Myrtle since 25 th January and have been fishing off all the piers with little success until last Tuesday.I double rigged frozen shrimp caught a huge Ray just did have drop net to lift it out,so eventually lost it !
    Had earlier caught a Whiting about a pound and a half. Tried squid and artificial baits but shrimp was best!

  • Capt, Chris Johns

    Offshore fishing has been good when the weather is right in this early season. Tons of fish deep dropping along with beeliners, grouper, wahoo and blackfin. We have electric reels available on our charters. Check us out

  • terry moon

    what kind of fish can i catch the middle of april at spring maid pier

  • tony balone

    I’m going to be staying at breakers from the 24of may to the30th,were is the best spot to catch some nice fish?can I fish off the beach or should I find a peir

    • Todd Garvin

      You’ll be very close to the 14th Avenue Pier, which offers fishing and equipment rental, bait, etc. I don’t believe you’ll be able to fish from the shore at that time of year where you are staying, because the beaches can get quite crowded. However, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of good fishing for different species at the pier. Want to really talk fishing? Check out our Ask A Local page and local fishing expert Gregg Holshouser.

  • Yee Lor

    Keep up the good work with the updates! It lets us know ahead of time when we are planning to come down to vacation/fish. Love the website!

  • Seth sayers

    I fished Thursday the 9th at surfside pier and caught 10 croakers. They are plenty right now

  • Dan Tally

    I Would like to recommend the Cherry Grove Pier for anyone to try. It’s a nice long pier with a very knowledgeable staff. The Crew running it maintains a well stocked supply of bait and tackle. If you don’t own any gear, they have rental rods for you or, you can purchase a rod and reel combo right there. It’s one of the nicer piers you will ever fish from.

  • Dan Owen

    I will be staying with friends in Myrtle Beach June 6th thru the 12th. I understand they typically fish from the Apache Pier and also do some surf fishing. Can you advise on any particular rigs, lures, or techniques that might improve our odds of catching some quality fish during that time of year?

    • Todd Garvin

      If you’re staying in the middle of Myrtle Beach, I really wouldn’t recommend surf fishing that time of year since the beach will be so crowded. You may be able to fish some at daybreak, but the easiest and most productive way to fish the surf zone would be off a pier. The Apache Pier is a very good choice.

      The best bets off the piers in June are Spanish mackerel, bluefish, whiting and pompano, plus croakers. Black drum, sheepshead and flounder can be found around the pilings in particular.

      Use what are called `straw rigs’ to vertical jig for Spanish, plus blues will hit them too. Ask in the tackle shop for those rigs. You can also cast Gotcha plugs for Spanish. You may not catch as many, but you’ll likely get bigger fish.

      Bluefish, whiting and pompano will hit fresh shrimp, with an emphasis on fresh. Buy it at a seafood market. Sand fleas will work for pompano.

      Also, cut mullet will work for whiting and bluefish. If you catch a bluefish, cut it into chunks and that is a great bait for whiting and blues. Fresh cut bluefish may also attract bites from sharks, which you don’t want to do, however.

      Just use a standard two-hook rig with a pyramid sinker for the cut shrimp, mullet, bluefish or sand fleas. Fish the sand fleas whole.

      Use live mud minnows on a Carolina rig and work it around the pilings for your best shot at flounder.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for your inquiry!

      Good luck out there.

      Gregg Holshouser
      Outdoors Writer for The Sun News

      • Robert gwiazdzinski

        What size hook do you recomend on the standard 2 hook rig you mentioned

  • George Vosinas

    Hi my friends and I will bemail flying in from Jersey for a bachelor party on the 15th for a few days and really want to go fishing. What would you recommend? We are experienced on fishing from charter boats and catching fish such as cod,fluke, blue fish,and stripped bass. Appreciate the help!

  • Capt. Shannon Currie

    As always great info from Gregg and the folks at Sun News.. Get out there and enjoy all the Strand activity along the Beach….

  • chris rogers

    Me and my family will be done on the 7th for a week and we are staying at compass cove and my son wants to do some surf fishing in the mornings I am just not sure what kind of bait to use to insure a good chance to catch something Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

  • Richard Morrell

    In the Myrtle Beach area, are there any regs against kayaking out past the surf and fishing? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

  • Stacy Nicholson

    Yesterday in Cherry Grove there where these big orange bay Ray looking things swimming all along the shore, what are they exactly and do they sting? The lifeguard was unsure of what they were exactly or if they stung.

  • john johnson

    The family and I are going to be staying ocean front in Surfside Beach we hope to do a lot of surf fishing. What can we expect to catch and what baits should we use? We will be there the 13th thru the 20th of June. Thank you Double J


    Just got back from a week in the Windy Hill Section of North Myrtle Beach. Spots, Croakers, and Whiting were in abundance. Averaged 20 to 30 everyday in the morning. Blood worms worked the best.

    • JD Epps

      Any keepers? Did you happen to try live bait? If so, what?

  • Maurice bell

    I’m staying at the ocean reef which pier is closest to my hotel and which will be the best pier to fish off of for blue fish oh yes is the spots running yet

  • Jonathan Pope

    I live in myrtle near Socastee and I’m looking to fish for bass, bream, and catfish but I don’t know of any good public areas to fish for freshwater fish. Do you have any suggestions that wouldn’t take me driving out to Conway and be able to catch some nice sized fish? Also I’m a beginner fisherman so I’m not sure what would be good bait artificial or live either one.

  • Travis Buck

    Where are the good pompano at myrtle beach?

  • Deon Heggins

    I am coming down at the end of July. I am looking to surf fish down at Murrels Inlet on the North side. Any recommendations as to what I may catch or what type of bait to use?

    Also, I am looking to get on a Charter Boat at the end of July. Any recommendations?

  • Jake Thompson

    Hey guys. I plan on going to the Pawleys Island area from July 19th-25th with family and I’m trying to do some research on the freshwater bodies of water in the area. I fish collegiality at Virginia Tech so the bait and tackle side isn’t a problem. I’m just wondering if anyone has info on the Waccama River or surrounding bodies? I’ve read that the river has both salt and fresh water. How deep is the river? Water temp? Primary bait forage? Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time. Thanks guys!

  • James Collins

    I will coming down July11-18 toMB and will be fishing Apachie pier. Fishing to catch anything! any ideas of best bait

  • Matt Blick

    I will be down in 2 weeks staying at the new Oceans 22. I’m planning on taking a charter one day (suggestions?) but want to spend some time bringing in some table fish. Flounder, Pompano, etc.

    I don’t mind driving a distance. Is it worthwhile to try the surf or would it be better to go to an inlet? I don’t want to stand shoulder to shoulder on a pier but if a pier is my best bet is there one that would be less crowded?

    I have 3, 4, 5, and 6000 size spinning reel / rod combos – which 2 sizes would serve me best?

    I’ve tied up some 2 dropper loop w/pyramid sinker rigs on 40# fluorocarbon, have some tandem jig/Gulp rigs, and some popping cork / shrimp (DOA) combos. What other gear should I pack for the table fish?


  • Robert Caldwell

    Do I need a fishing license to fish the surf in S.C.

    • Todd Garvin

      Yes. You can get them at several local stores.

  • Jaimee

    We are coming to Myrtle Beach this weekend. My daughter who is 7 wants to learn how to fish, any suggestions on the best place to try. We’ll be catch and release, so they don’tneed to be big. Thanks!

    • Todd Garvin

      I would try one of the piers. You can get all the tackle and bait you need, plus you don’t need to purchase a license. There are also some party boat options for deep sea cruises that are pretty affordable. Shoot me a line ( if you’d like specific recommendations.

  • Eddie

    Hi my family and i are here and were planning a guys day out fishing. Were curious if you have any suggestions as to charters with a good price and good fishing. Also we would like to do some pier/surf fishing. Were currently staying in garden city so how is the pier there. Thank you for your help were looking to make this fishing trip a success and a memory

  • Shannon Currie

    Hey guys…..why do you think the water has been dirty for so long this summer..??

  • Charles parsons

    I am at south myrtle beach until the end of the week , my boy and I want to try fishing from the beach , what do we use for bait and what can we catch ?

    • Todd Garvin

      Shrimp will get you a host of species, anything from a stingray to flounder. Be aware that you are supposed to have a license to fish from the shore, but do not need one if fishing from a pier.
      A 14-day license cost $11. Hope that helps.

  • Maurice bell

    Do you know what’s all running around this time around the Apache pier and do you know when high tides come in on sat. and sun.

  • trey robinson

    I am planning a trip for september 2015 and plan on doing some fishing on the beach. Im staying in ocean lakes. Any advice on where and what i should fish with in ocean and what set up i should use.

  • Tom Wolhar

    Heading down to Myrtle beach October 2 . Going to be golfing and staying at North beach plantation . Would like to do some fishing after golfing . Any suggestions ? Fresh water ponds , pier fishing close by ? Thank you for any suggestions .

  • lindsay frist

    I’m going to be at murrells inlet October 15 th any idea on how the flounder fishing will be then

  • David Diggs

    I am looking for a place to stay in the Cherry Grove area. I have a 17 foot Triton boat that I would like to leave docked. I would be staying in a motor home. Even If a private person would like to rent me a spot am up for that. I don’t need water, electric or sewer. I am only coming down to fish. If you have any information please contact me. I can then give you a phone number and more information on my self. Thank you David

  • Vanessa

    I will be in Myrtle November 1st thru the 5th. Is Pier fishing any good at this time of year? If so, can anyone recommend one of the fishing piers. I’m still looking at location of the hotel/condo and was going to base it on the location of the pier.

  • Kim C

    My family is planning trip to Myrtle beach for Spring break. March 26 to April 2, 2016. We love to fish but are the fish biting at that time of year? If so, where is the best places to fish? Thank you.

  • Vincent George

    Interesting to see a lot of the same species of fish being caught in South Carolina as we catch in Gulf Shores / Fort Morgan Alabama. Some of the species show up at different times.

  • Brandon kuykendall

    Hey! Im going down to cherry grove here in about a week and going to fish off the pier, the date will be march 25-april 1, what can I expect? I have never saltwater fished this early in the year. Thanks!

  • William heade

    I’m looking to do some surf/ jetty fishing the last week of April. What type of gear should I bring and tackle. Curious as to what’s running this time of year. Thanks in advance. I’ll be in the cherry grove area. Bill

  • david

    i will be in cherry grove the first week of September to surf fish how will the fishing be by then

  • Ron Cover

    We are moving to the area. How far is the transit via the river from the east Conway area to the inlet? Planning on either trailering or docking my boat there. I’ve heard different stories and am looking for input. I am a fan of the inlet area unless I can really find the Crappies and Brim in the river will likely where I will head.

    One other question is are the catfish safe to eat heading seaward from Conway?

  • Frenchy

    My 10yr old son and I are avid freshwater fishermen back home, we are looking for a good spot down here.. We are in Arcadian Shores and I see many small ponds nearby but can’t seem to access these.(Chapin and Arrowhead?) Are there any spots nearby with easy access and where we can fish from shore? Don’t care about what we catch just want to catch something lol… Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

  • John Robert Baker

    Im an avid fisherman from the surf and id like to know how the shark bite is and what they are biting on

  • Alex Brea

    I haven’t tried fresh fishing, but I will surely do it this summer. Thank you so much for the tips and tricks! I really love you blog.

  • Caleb Inch

    I’m visiting Myrtle Beach from September 10-17 and looking to do some surf or pier fishing. Im staying in North Myrtle around 74th Street. I’m brand new to surf fishing, looking to purchase a rod/reel and any necessary gear, would love any advice on bait, good fishing areas, gear, and so on. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  • Keith lacourse

    Hello my family and I will be in myrtle beach from August 5-15 can you recommend a charter co we can charter with it will be private just four of us and looking for a half day. We are from ri and spend a lot of time fishing for bigger fish hoping to do the same in myrtle.
    Also we are staying at pirate land camp ground and understand the beach is across the street. I’m a surf fisherman here in ri I would like a recommendation of an area to fish.
    Thank you kindly!!
    Keith Lacourse

  • Steven C Frye

    Dear Sirs, I really enjoy all of the info and conversation on this site. My personal questions also have to do with fishing at the time of the upcoming fall bike week. I will be staying in North Myrtle the last Friday of bike week till the following Monday. I have just purchased my first two surf/pier rigs and would appreciate any advice you can share on fish, best bait, and location to fish. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  • Patricia McClung

    We are coming to Myrtle on March 5-9. What fish are running and where? Any good surf fishing or pier fishing?

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