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Best pizza in Myrtle Beach SC area

There are more than 3 billion pizzas eaten in the United States alone each year, and Myrtle Beach SC restaurants do their share to keep that number growing.

Pizza shops along the Grand Strand are a couple of bodies of water away from Italy, but feature the same fresh toppings and ingredients that make it one of the favorites around the world.

Whether you want a plain ol’ cheese pie or a gourmet creation of extravagant ingredients, the next time you visit Myrtle Beach SC, there is a pizza place for you.

Thin crust, deep dish, thick crust and even whole wheat varieties are available in many of the pizza restaurants along the Grand Strand.

Narrowing the list down to the top 15 almost doesn’t do justice to the plethora of mouth-watering pizza options you can get in the Myrtle Beach area.

Nevertheless, here are 15 of the staff’s favorites sure to satisfy any appetite without breaking the family’s vacation budget.

We’d love to hear your favorite as well to see if it makes the list next year.

• Why it made the list: An amazing selection of perfectly prepared Italian fare is hard to pass up, but for a pizza lover this place is amazing. New York style, thin-crust pizza covered in your favorite toppings or in a variety of flavors. We recommend the Lasagna Pizza, which is going to rock your world.

• Why it made the list: Baked to perfection and always piping hot, this pizza restaurant has been a favorite in North Myrtle Beach for years. Build your own, or choose the house special with hamburger, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms. Loads of other dishes as well.

• Why it made the list: Thin crust and perfectly seasoned sauce make this a sure-fire treat near downtown Myrtle Beach. Eat in, carry out or have it delivered.

• Why it made the list: The gourmet pizzas, choices of crusts and tantalizing sauce make this chain a favorite not only with tourists, but locals in Myrtle Beach SC. There are also locations at The Market Common, Garden City, and one with a huge arcade on Restaurant Row.

• Why it made the list: The fancier side of the Italian restaurant features succulent, fine dining dishes, and the pizza follows suit. Fresh, hot and baked to perfection.

• Why it made the list: A hidden gem on Glenns Bay Road in Surfside Beach, especially for those who like the pepperoni on top. Thin crust, big flavor.

• Why it made the list: Try the behemoth Badabing, a 20-inch pie with up to five toppings. Or, build your own from a bevy of ingredients to dine in, carry out or have it delivered. A second location at Carolina Forest.

• Why it made the list: Cooked to perfection in a brick oven to give it that amazing crunch and flavor. While there, try the meatballs.

• Why it made the list: A sweet sauce and savory ingredients make for the perfect combination. Full menu of other traditional Italian dishes.

• Why it made the list: Chris’ Pizza and Pub is the perfect place to catch live sports action while enjoying a tasty pizza, sandwich, burger, wings or other Italian entree.

• Why it made the list: Aromas prepares their pizza true to form in their traditional Northeastern style, providing a unique and authentic taste unlike any other on the Grand Strand.

• Why it made the list: Bovine’s serves steaks, seafood & excellent brick-oven pizza served in waterfront quarters with Southwest decor & marsh views.

• Why it made the list: Fun, unique and a great place to watch some sports, there are locations in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach that are a guaranteed good time for the family.

• Why it made the list: A sweet sauce and savory ingredients make for the perfect combination. Full menu of other traditional Italian dishes.

• Why it made the list: Putter’s is an easygoing bar on a casual golf resort serving burgers & brick-oven pizza amid 20+ TVs airing sports.

There are many more amazing pizza places in the Myrtle Beach SC area, each with a unique flavor and feel sure to please every critic in the family. Check out our complete list of where you can get your favorite pizza pie here. Also, check out our other Top 10 lists including everything from cheesesteaks to miniature golf in our Best of Myrtle Beach section.


  • Lori Ignacio

    I like The Office an Italian Pub!! Best pizza in Myrtle Beach!!

    • Todd Garvin

      Thanks. I haven’t had the pleasure myself, but will try it out. – Todd

    • Matt

      Little Italy on Hwy 17 Bus. Central Myrtle has been really good at time but can be inconsistent. Anyone know about Boston Pizza near Carolina Forest?

  • Donna Finley

    Putters Pub Brick Oven Pizza North Myrtle

  • Jane Knaub

    New York Pizza on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach (about 68th Avenue North) is really good also.

  • Emmy O.

    BASIL’S!!!! Really great NY style pizza!

    • Aaron Marks

      Totally agree. Basil’s is amazing. Definitely top 10. Their shrimp scampi pizza is awesome

  • Darren G Miller

    Aroma’s Pizza in Burgess across from St. James High School has the best pizza on the south strand. They make “New Haven” style pizza and everyone there makes you feel like family.

  • Carmen Rogers

    Surfside Pizza and Marco’s Pizza

  • Rebecca Gregory

    Did y’all tast Marco’s at carolina Forest or Bellissimos in Conway?? Wow now that’s pizza eating goodness.

  • Gary

    A lot of people have never eaten a pizza in the restaurant that they order from, and those that have know that pizza will not be the same “to go, or delivery” why?

    Because of the steam created in the box and the affect it has on the crust.

    One way to help bring the pizza back to eat in, place the pie in a very preheated 300 oven (turn it on while waiting for delivery or going to pick it up) I use aluminum foil to cover the rack then layer parchment paper over that. 5 minutes should do it, it is still not the same as eating in and never will be :)

  • cindy

    Godfather’s in MB.

    Howie’s isn’t bad for the money with..2 lrg one topping pizzas, with Howie bread and a 2 liter for $22 (thats including tax )

  • Sherrie Glensky

    I live so close to King’s and never thought to try it out. Now I will have to!

    • Gary

      And you get a discount there because you have that MB discount card

  • Jennifer Maxwell

    I agree, King’s has great pizza! We were in NMB for 10 days and had pizza twice. King’s Famous Pizza and Bistro 90. Bistro 90 is just off of hwy 22 on hwy 90. I must say it was awesome!! We had the meat pizza with the house made sliced meatballs, Pepp, ham, and thin sliced sausage and perfect crust! It ranks in the top 5 best pizzas I’ve ever had!

  • Vivian Wendt

    No pizza place beats Gino’s pizza in North Myrtle Beach. The other Gino’s locations are good too.

    • Audrey

      Gino’s is really good. There is also a hidden jewel right next door to the Kingston Plantation entrance. They have great pizza too!

  • Tommy Thomas

    I can’t believe Doughboy isn’t on this list,

    • Todd Garvin

      Dougboy was extremely close in the voting. We’re going to have voting for the best pizza in Myrtle Beach soon, so keep watching and cast your vote. – Todd

  • Heather

    Mellow mushroom!! Yum yum. The Office Italian Pub is amazing too!!

    • Susan Holt

      I agree with Heather on both points.

  • Ted

    I moved to Myrtle Beach a year ago and have searched high and low for good pizza. I’ve tried at least half on this list and probably dozens altogether. I’ve yet to find what I’m looking for – a really good thin crust, cheesy, tomatoey, slightly greasy, foldable slice of NY-style pizza. Some people say it’s the altitude, so I’ll blame it on that. But that being said, BENITO’S IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST I have found in the area. My runners up include Surfside Pizza and Valentino’s II.

    • Margot

      Have you tried the pizza at Tavern in the Forest? YUMMY!

      • Todd Garvin

        Margot, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t. I can’t get past the great country fried steak. So peppery and juicy. I’ll try to go with the pizza next time I’m over. Thanks for the tip.

      • Karen

        Agree with Margot! Along with Gino’s, the closest to NY/NJ style I’ve found. They do tend to undercook, though, so ask for it well done!

  • Ted Holford

    Peppers Philly Steaks & Pizza is the best by far in Socastee
    4488 Socastee Blvd
    (843) 294-3354
    Tuesday-Thursday 11am to 8pm
    Friday and Saturday 11am to 9pm
    Its better if you go Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday…Tuesday and Friday you won’t get a seat …..
    I live right around the corner and I’m Italian and its as good as my Grandmother would cook if she was alive today..
    Rolls from Philly. Dough is #1…… TRY THEM ITS THE BEST

  • Brian Haynes

    You forgot Aromas Pizza on Hwy 707 in Murrells Inlet. Defiantly the closest thing around here to a real northeast pizzeria. best pizza by far!

  • Bob Vislocky

    Kings Famous Pizza at #1 ??? Really? That’s the best pizza Myrtle has to offer? I don’t think so.

    Here is my top 5 list. However I grew up in New Jersey so I’m a fan of the traditional NY pizza taste rather than “gormet” or eclectic tasting pies (or California/Chicago/Mellow-Mushroom style pies for that matter). So my list is biased in that direction.

    1. Anthony’s (Surfside)
    2. Joey O’s (Sunset Beach)
    3. Gino’s (Walmart Plaza North Myrtle, Forestbrook Plaza Myrtle)
    4. DeRoma’s (Pawleys, it’s square but tastes like NY style, Grande Cheese they use is the best)
    5. Putter’s Pub (Barefoot Resort)

    – Honorable mention to Corrado’s (Myrtle Mall, aka Colonial Mall).
    – Haven’t tried Aromas yet. Thanks for the recommendation above.
    – Basil’s used to be ranked high on my list but over time found them to be inconsistent … great pie one day bad pie the next.
    – Michael’s I found acceptable but rather bland tasting overall vs. my top five.
    – Doughboy’s? Can’t believe they almost made the top ten list in the article.

  • Marilyn Smith

    Can’t believe Pizza ala Roma III is not here. John & Tina are originally from Greece but have lived in Myrtle Beach since the 60’s. We always go there when we visit and it was our favorite pizza place when we lived there. John makes the best pizza in Myrtle Beach. They are on 412 Kings Hwy. near the post office in Myrtle Beach. If you haven’t tried them, they are a must try!!!

  • Ted

    I tried Peppers after reading these comments and I’m so glad I did because the pizza was great! Very thin crust, NY style like what I was looking for. It’s one of the BEST I’ve had in the area. It’s very similar to Gino’s on the north end. I’d also like to comment on Doughboy’s – The first pizza, I tried from them was good. The next two were mediocre. But their lasagna and spaghetti were the absolute worst I’ve had, EVER, anywhere. So, YES to Peppers and I still need to try some of the others mentioned.

  • denise mcguire

    Anthony’s crust tastes like cardboard. The Causeway Grill in Garden City is much better.

  • Chris Woods

    It is worth the drive to go to Landolfi’s in Pawley’s Island….thin and crispy….and we like ours a little brown around the edges… yum yum so good….may have to go tomorrow !!!

  • Scott Tomblin

    The Office, North Myrtle Beach.



  • Eric


  • Jennifer hudson

    You have to try Fundays in North Myrtle! Pizza is amazing, totally worth our drive time from Forestbrook.
    They also have an ice cream shop next door and a gated playground! Why go anywhere else? Fundays is just north of Kings pizza.

  • Jamie Eshleman

    You forgot Pasta 811 in Pawleys Island! Better than the rest of these places on this list.

  • Jamie Eshleman

    Peppers is disgusting! Iv been there a couple of times and had hair in my food. The second time ordered fries and they wernt even cooked! They are always rude too! They claim to have great cheese steaks but they have no flavor. Want a good cheese steak go to Cosmic Charlies in Surfside. d

  • Jim

    Pizzeli’s Italian Oven on Rt. 9 in Little River is one of the best restaurant’s in the area. Their pizza is awesome and anything you order is absolutely delicious. Everyone in their is courteous and friendly. They treat you like family. Do yourself a favor and try Pizzeli’s.

  • Lori Pate

    Seriously how could you not put Chris’ s Pizza on hwy 9. They have the best PIZZA AND EVERY THING.

  • Ted

    Just tried Aromas in Murrells Inlet – YES! This is the real deal if you’re looking for NY style pizza. Owner was super nice too. Will definitely be going regularly. Thanks for the suggestion!


    Chicago Pizza Surfside Beach…….The best!!! Liz & her husband make the yummiest food and make you feel like family :) Bellacino’s too!!

  • SAl

    ** Christopher’s Pizza ** on the state line in Carolina Shores is my family’s favorite place in the area, A MUST TRY !!

  • Kathy Banta

    Lincoln Park Bar and Grill on 17 Bypass (the old Chilis) in Surfside has some really good pizza.

  • Susan Skellett

    Peppers in Socastee Rocks!!

  • Dakota Erikson

    I don’t think “chain” restaurants should be included in local lists such as this.

    • Todd Garvin

      Dakota. We strive through online voting, user comments, etc., to put the best pizza available on the site. No doubt, there are a plethora of amazing pizza places on the Grand Strand .. including some chains. Please keep submitting feedback when we announce a revised top 10 next year.

  • Mike

    Landolfi’s Bakery & Deli in Pawley’s Island has the best fire baked Pizza I have ever tried! And The desserts are incredible. And The prices are very reasonable.

  • Judy Frapp

    Valentino’s in Surfside has excellent pizza. Almost as good as my grandmother’s who came from Italy.

  • Phil Begosh

    We really liked Little River Deli’s pizza on #9 in Longs/Little River. We moved in 2008, not sure if they are still there.

  • RayDar

    Lets not forget Bovine’s in Murrells Inlet. Great wood fired brick oven pizza. Good food with a view.

  • Art

    Causeway Pizzaria, Atlantic Ave in Garden City.

  • Anna Green

    You guys totally forgot Fox’s Den Pizza! It’s delicious!

  • Chris Rogers

    I am a born and raised local on the grand strand , the best pizza on the north end is Basil’s in Cherry Grove and Aromas across from St. James High School is the best on the south end!!!

  • Danny M

    Don’t get Bellisimos mixed up with Bellacinos….Bellisimos is way better…

  • Alex Best


    I gotta ask,, do you have a brother named Fred?

  • Alex Best

    Ducatis best on this list, not really even close,,, next question

  • Sylvia Wilkins

    Kings is by far the best with all fresh ingredients they make themselves and so are their subs. In fact I can’t think of a thing I’ve eaten there I didn’t like, but we keep getting Pizza.

  • Duncan Brown

    I think that my favourite has to be Milardos, on BUS 17, Murrells Inlet. Baring in mind I come from the UK, this is one place I love to come back to. Great service, great food, convivial atmosphere. I like Milardos so much that I even gave it a 5* review on Google.

  • Chicago man

    What about a good Chicago deep dish/stuffed pizza. More to life than thin NY style?

    • Todd Garvin

      Can you tell me where there’s a good Chicago style deep dish on the Grand Strand? I used to enjoy the one at East of Chicago, but it closed down. Haven’t found another since.

  • Barefoot Tim

    Putters Pub in Barefoot Resort. Hands down one of the best in a crowded pizza scene

  • Jamie Ashley

    My husband and I have canvassed Horry County looking for the best pizza. Hands down, Bellissimo Italian Pizzeria in Conway is the best. The crust actually has taste while still allowing the sauce, cheese, and toppings to shine. The service is impeccable, and once you’ve had their garlic knots, you will be unsatisfied with any other. Just check out their yelp ratings.

  • merle johnson

    Philly born and bred. So ive had my share of pizzas. In the grand strand area, Gino’s real N.Y. style is hands down the best if your lookin for pizza like you got up home. this is the place…..

  • Anita

    Carrabas has a great personal brick oven pizza ,that’s out of this world,and the copperidge white Zinfandel is terrific .

  • Linda payne

    Lamdolfis and Franks in Pawleys Island both make fabulous brick oven pizzas

  • Ralinda Fiene

    AJ’s in Myrtle Beach is THE best. Their sauce is amazing amd the owners always go out of their way to make cinnasticks for my son, even though they aren’t on the menu. Plus roasted chicken and broccoli on whole wheat crust….need I say more??

  • Tom Barnaba

    Give us a try. New family pizzeria in the Galleria Plaza (Krogers,Rossi’s)
    Barnaba’s Pizza Pie. Upstate NY style pan pizza, subs, wings, Italian plates. All homemade.
    Reviews have been great so far. Give us a try.

  • Cindy Brookman

    DiCarlo’s just opened 2 months ago across from Ocean Lakes Campground, in the Walmart grocery store plaza.
    They have shops all over WV and OH. Finally great pizza in Myrtle Beach.

  • Jane

    How could you not include one of the best and oldest? Georgio’s in OD is absolutely the best!!!!

  • Sam

    What about the newly owned pizza shop on 34th Kings Hwy?

  • Mike Burris

    Hands down the best pizza Uncle Mikey’s Pizza in Murrells Inlet Opened in Inlet back in Sept 2015. Located near Harrelsons Seafoods.

    Mike used to have Boston Pizza in Carolina Forest before relocating to the Inlet.


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